Challenge Accepted

29 Sep 2021

Orange Sky volunteer Tabby Ryan donned a different type of orange shirt for three days of sun, sweat and socialising as part of this year’s Sudsy Challenge.

For Tabby, it was an opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes and experience life from another perspective.

“I am quite an active person, so my weekend incorporated over seven hours of exercise - including bike riding, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking and running,” she said.

“I love any form of challenge and this one was a unique way to get a tiny taster of one of the inconveniences and challenges that are associated with homelessness. I am a big believer in experiencing something for myself in order to better understand it.”

Tabby has worked with people experiencing extreme poverty in developing countries. With changes to international travel brought about by COVID-19, Tabby found herself back in Adelaide so turned her focus to helping people doing it tough in her hometown.

“Once I looked into some of the situations and circumstances that people find themselves in here, I was keen to help,” she says.

“I joined Orange Sky earlier this year and became [a volunteer] Team Leader of the Tuesday shift in Adelaide.” 

Pictured: Tabby and fellow Sudsy Challenger Abi McGeorge enjoying some stand-up paddleboarding during their Sudsy weekend.

Through The Sudsy Challenge, Tabby says she has been able to expand her support for Orange Sky and the services we provide.

“The Sudsy Challenge has enabled me to start countless conversations about homelessness with friends, family and even a bloke at the pub who gave me $10,” she said.

“It has brought the topic to the forefront of people’s minds, made them aware of the services Orange Sky provide and enabled people to see the need and the part they can play in helping out by donating and/or volunteering.”

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