What is The Sudsy Challenge?

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We ask Sudsy Challengers to wear the same outfit for three days, have genuine conversations with those around them about homelessness, and raise funds to support those doing it tough. Every dollar raised supports Orange Sky in providing access to free laundry and shower services, and a place for genuine conversation and connection.

Why three days and who is Sudsy?

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It took Orange Sky co-founders, Nic and Lucas three days (and three sets of washing machines and dryers) to get their first laundry van, ‘Sudsy’ working. On day three, a friend named Jordan used the free mobile laundry service and taught Nic and Lucas that while clean clothes were important, it was the conversation and connection that mattered more. As such, we thought it was only fitting to hold the Sudsy Challenge over three days. You can learn more here


Can I still participate if I don’t live in New Zealand?

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Yes, absolutely! If you’re in Australia you can sign up here. But no matter where you are, we would love to spread the Orange Sky and Sudsy story far and wide, so please sign up!

How can my school get involved?

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We'd love to have your school take on The Sudsy Challenge. It's the perfect activity to learn and start conversations about homelessness

To express your interest email us at hello@thesudsychallenge.com

How can my workplace get involved?

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We'd love to have your workplace join The Sudsy Challenge. Learning more about homelessness and raising money for an important cause can be really rewarding and a break from the daily grind!

To express your interest email us at hello@thesudsychallenge.com

Can I participate as an individual?

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As an individual you can still keep your kit on and have conversations to support Orange Sky and our friends doing it tough. Register a fundraiser at our website here and invite your friends to join or support you! 


What should I wear & does it need to be the Sudsy t-shirt?

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Participants who raise $26 will receive their very own Sudsy t-shirt, but it's totally up to you what you wear over the three challenge days! Choose comfort, style or something completely crazy - the more outrageous the outfit, the more conversations you'll start about why you’re wearing it. Be sure to share your Sudsy outfit with us on socials - tag #thesudsychallenge

How do I get my very own Sudsy t-shirt?

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You can get your Sudsy Challenge t-shirt by raising $26! To allow us enough time to print and post shirts, we ask that you raise the required funds sooner rather than later.

What about underwear and showering?

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Look, we don’t need to know what goes on under your clothes! We encourage you to set your own rules - and remember, it’s about the conversations that The Sudsy Challenge starts, and the funds raised - more than sticking to any rules.

When will my Sudsy t-shirt arrive?

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If you’ve raised $26 or more - that means you’ll get your own Sudsy t-shirt to participate with your team. We'll send shirts in bulk to your team once your team is onboard, so check in with your team captain!


I need help updating my online profile – who can I contact?

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Head to the top right hand corner of your profile, and check out the options to update your profile. If you’re having trouble, click here to contact us.

How does our team change the date we chose to participate?

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No worries! Just send us a quick email at hello@thesudsychallenge.com and we can help you out.


Will people who donate to me get a tax-deductible receipt?

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Absolutely! All donations over $5 are fully tax deductible. Receipts are issued automatically to the donor after a donation is made through your challenge page.

How do people donate to my fundraising page?

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Upon registering, you’ll set up your own fundraising page and be provided with a unique URL. Share this with your friends and family so they can donate directly to your page!

Where does the money I raise go?

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Great question! All the funds you raise will directly support our New Zealand services, providing free laundry, warm showers and the opportunity for conversation and connection. With 5 services across 4 locations, we need your help to continue providing this important service to our friends doing it tough.

How can I reach my fundraising goal?

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We’ll be in touch with you throughout The Sudsy Challenge with great resources, inspiration and fundraising ideas to help you reach your goal. You can check our some inspiration and resources here too.

If you have questions or need any help, feel free to send us an email at hello@thesudsychallenge.com


Is there a Sudsy van in my region?

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You can check out our locations here to see if a van just like Sudsy is in your area.

How do we have safe conversations in a COVID-19 world?

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Whether it’s over dinner or over a video call, The Sudsy Challenge is all about talking about homelessness with the people in your life. COVID-19 has changed the way we do things and the same goes for The Sudsy Challenge, but more than ever we have learnt the power of connection and conversation and the importance of finding ways to support our friends.

If you’re feeling unwell during the challenge, make sure you stay home and get tested - you can still engage in the challenge on your chosen dates virtually and have safe conversations.

If you’re participating in the challenge by having conversations in person, remember to keep your distance from others where you can. Remember to practice good hygiene such as avoiding shaking hands or hugging others, and using hand sanitiser.

I've got COVID! Can I change my Sudsy date?

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Of course - just send us a quick email at hello@thesudsychallenge.com and we can help you out.

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