Isla takes on The Sudsy Challenge

23 Sep 2022

Orange Sky's, Isla, tells us why she believes connection and conversations are more important in our community today than they ever have been, a motivation to take on The Sudsy Challenge.

After joining Orange Sky it felt only right to take on the Sudsy Challenge this year and do my part to help raise funds and awareness for those experiencing homelessness and doing it tough across Aotearoa. Growing up in Auckland I have witnessed people struggling on the streets my whole life and never quite knew how I could help. I am thankful I have this opportunity to give back. 

I would be grateful to help even one person feel some relief. There are many misconceptions surrounding homelessness and many people believe they can’t make a difference. I hope to have conversations with my family and friends to help them believe that even a small effort can have an impact and help those doing it tough. I want to help broaden the conversation with those around me on the topic and shed light on some aspects of homelessness that they may not have thought of.

It has highlighted again how important the work of Orange Sky is to those in the community who really need the support. Laundry, showers and conversation are seemingly basic needs that for most of us are completely taken for granted. Through the Sudsy Challenge, I have become even more aware of the place each of these takes up in my life. It has expanded my understanding of what people struggling really need and what has the most impact on a day-to-day basis.

I think connection and conversations are more important in our community today than they have been in a long time. We have progressed into such a digital culture that we have lost the value of conversation and sitting and connecting with someone face-to-face. It makes the opportunities we do have to connect with one another, even more, important, especially for those doing it tough who often feel disconnected from their community and don’t often get those opportunities. 

By keeping my kit on for three days I am just trying to get people in my community engaged in conversations about the challenge and Orange Sky and what we do.