REA Group Nails The Sudsy Challenge

09 Sep 2021

When you’re in the business of getting people into their own homes, it makes sense to support the work of Orange Sky and participate in The Sudsy Challenge. 

REA Group is a key corporate partner for Orange Sky and has taken part in The Sudsy Challenge since the initiative started in 2019.

“I joined REA a few months ago and was so impressed to learn about the innovative ways that Orange Sky supports people experiencing homelessness,” REA Chief Technology Officer Chris Venter says.

“When I was asked to be REA’s executive team sponsor for The Sudsy Challenge, I jumped at the chance.”

REA is headquartered in Melbourne, where Chris says he has seen first-hand how tough homeless people are doing it on the streets.

“I would buy them food every so often and have a chat,” he says. “With the pandemic and lockdown, I can’t even imagine how tough it must be right now. So, any chance we get to make the lives of a few better, I am all in.

“Beyond the fundraising, I hope to engage more people in conversations about homelessness. There’s so many people doing it tough who need support and talking about homelessness can help break down stigmas.”

Everyone who takes on The Sudsy Challenge makes a valuable contribution to help Orange Sky provide their services to more people.

“Last year, REA Group raised over $16,000 and we’re aiming to beat it this year,” Chris says.

“There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to help raise funds for people experiencing homelessness.” 

Competition certainly is heating up as the corporate teams vie for top spot on The Sudsy Challenge rankings, though Chris is confident REA has got this year in the bag.

 “We’re experienced, enthusiastic and passionate and I think we’ll be hard to beat,” he says.

 “Our REA team put in a great effort over the past few years and has been top of the workplace leader board. This year we’re back and stronger than ever with new Sudsy team members.”

REA Group is one of many businesses and organisations that support Orange Sky by taking part in The Sudsy Challenge, which Chris says is also a great exercise in team building.

 “I would encourage everyone to join The Sudsy Challenge to support people experiencing homelessness. It’s a great way to connect and engage teams around a very important social issue. It’s also a lot of fun!”