Why I'm Supporting The Sudsy Challenge | QBE

23 Aug 2021

Written by QBE's Sudsy Challenge Ambassador - Fiona Hayes St Clair, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

QBE and Orange Sky have been working together for almost two years now. From our very first meeting, I was inspired by the vision and work of the charity. I wasn’t just impressed by what they do though, but also how they do it – their tenacity, innovation and can-do attitude is remarkable. 

When QBE took on The Sudsy Challenge last year, I found it really eye-opening. I hadn’t anticipated how much I would have to think about every day routines – such as exercising -  when I also had to consider how long it would be until my next shower and change of clothes. It was a powerful reminder of the simple things we take for granted. 

It also led to conversations with my children about why I was wearing the same clothes and the issue of homelessness in Australia. I’m not sure how I would have started this conversation with them if I hadn’t been taking on the challenge. I think it will be easier for us to have these discussions again this year, and it’s a really timely reminder that a lot of people are doing it really tough at the moment.  

Image: Fiona in her laundry at home, on board for the 2021 Sudsy Challenge!

The Sudsy Challenge is also a great opportunity for QBE as an organisation. It was so powerful last year to see so many of the team get behind the cause and raise money and awareness for the important work Orange Sky do to support people experiencing homelessness. I know that many are looking forward to taking it on again – not just because it’s a practical way to help, but because it provides a sense of connection with our colleagues that we’ve all been missing lately. 

My aim for The Sudsy Challenge this year is to strike up a conversation about Orange Sky and homelessness on every one of my virtual meetings - I’ll have a bright orange background screen and my t-shirt on, so it shouldn’t be too hard! I also want to get as many of our people across Australia and New Zealand involved – it can be a confronting challenge, but I know from experience how much people will take away from it, so I’m encouraging everyone to get involved. 

Homelessness. Let's talk about it. 

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