The Kids Are Alright: Meet Our Seven-Year-Old Sudsy Supporter

02 Sep 2021

If children are the future, we’re in pretty good hands with kids like seven-year-old Kenzie doing their bit to help friends in need.

“Kenzie loves helping people,” Lisa, Kenzie’s mum says, “especially people who don’t have their basic needs met, like food, shelter, medicine or just someone to talk to.”

“When we saw The Sudsy Challenge on Facebook, Kenzie was very keen to be a part of something that helped people so obviously in need.”

Sometimes it takes the innocent, untainted eyes and open heart of a child to see what grown-ups can so easily overlook and ponder solutions to the world’s problems.

“I think Kenzie’s heightened sense of empathy draws her towards causes like this and she notices things that most kids her age wouldn’t,” Lisa comments.

“She is forever wanting to give to people. She has given her own pocket money on several occasions to people needing food outside the supermarket. She has even thought of an invention that could help.

“It’s called ‘Food Drone’. She would like to invent a drone that travels around cities collecting food from people, like spare fruit off the trees around their house, and delivering it to people who need it.”

But even the biggest dreamers have challenges to overcome and Kenzie found herself trying to raise funds and awareness for Orange Sky amid COVID lockdowns that limited her ability to promote the cause.

“COVID is hard and lockdowns are hard,” Lisa says.

“We were ready to start all the face-to-face parts of Kenzie’s fundraising plan when lockdown hit. Kenzie had wondered about how the homeless are being helped or whether they are being helped at all.

“So, Kenzie has posted a couple of videos online trying to reach others. She would like people to make sure that those around them have everything they need. To her it is all very simple: if everyone did what she does then everyone would have what they need.”

The Sudsy Challenge is a great way to help engage kids in a bigger conversation about social issues such as homelessness and how they can help make a difference in someone’s life. 

“Do The Sudsy Challenge and do it with your kids,” Lisa recommends.

“Kenzie already knew about homelessness but a lot of kids don’t. Teach them to think about others. Teach them about charity, about community, about how one day it could be someone they know or even them. Teach your children that all people matter and are worth it, all of it.”

Click here to support Kenzie in reaching her fundraising goals.