A Sudsy Success

22 Oct 2021

The Sudsy Challenge is more than a fundraiser; it is a growing movement of everyday people doing something extraordinary.

New Zealand has embraced The Sudsy Challenge in its first year with more than 600 Kiwis keeping their kit on for three days to support Orange Sky and the services it provides to people experiencing homelessness.

Together, they have raised more than $26,000, funding 1000-plus loads of laundry and countless conversations with friends on the street.

Jeffrey Brandt is currently Orange Sky’s top New Zealand fundraiser, having raised over $2,000. He increased his fundraising goal twice during his campaign, intent on funding eight full Orange Sky shifts.

A technology consultant by day, Jeffrey promoted The Sudsy Challenge by wearing the orange shirt everywhere he went, even while delivering a sermon at his local church.

Jeffrey says he was surprised by the level of support he received for his participation.

“I really loved the support from so many people, even from overseas, who were willing to donate and help out a valuable service like Orange Sky,” he says.

Orange Sky has come a long way from its humble origins in a suburban Brisbane garage in 2014. Crossing the Tasman in 2018, Orange Sky New Zealand currently operates two vans – Hugo and Hudson – with a third on the way.

Since 2018, Orange Sky New Zealand have provided friends on the street with more than 100,000 kgs of free laundry, 2,000 warm showers and 50,000 hours of genuine conversation.

What Orange Sky has achieved is extraordinary but it would not have happened without the kindness of ordinary people.

From the army of volunteers who work the street shifts, to the hundreds who took part in The Sudsy Challenge, every person creates impact for people experiencing homelessness.

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