Riding The Rails With Aurizon In Its First-Ever Sudsy Challenge

09 Sep 2021

Written by Pam Bains, Orange Sky Ambassador for Aurizon

As a national partner for Orange Sky, it’s important for Aurizon to find ways to engage and encourage our teams to support those doing it tough. 

Aurizon teams are part of our communities and we know that some members of our communities are struggling. The Sudsy Challenge is a great way to raise awareness of our partnership, those in our communities who need support and the great work that Orange Sky does every day.

By participating in The Sudsy Challenge, we’re hoping to help Orange Sky open discussions and de-stigmatise homelessness in Australia. As teams join in the challenge, we want to encourage conversations around our communities about our partnership and the importance of non-judgemental conversations.

I have travelled many times to India and seen first-hand the hardship faced by so many children and families who are homeless and struggling to make ends meet. Many of these people find themselves on the street due to difficult family circumstances, job loss or financial hardship. 

Sadly, every one of these tragedies is made worse by homelessness. As a family, whenever we visited India we would take clothes, shoes, books and provide donations to shelters in order to support those who could never afford what we sometimes take for granted.

Seeing the faces of those children light up was so rewarding and I wanted my kids to appreciate the challenges faced by many who are often ignored by society with no one fighting for their cause.

Even though it’s Aurizon’s first year in The Sudsy Challenge, we are excited to see our teams across the country get involved and support such a great cause. Anyone who gets involved is doing their bit and, in the end, the real winners are those that we get to assist with the great services provided by Orange Sky. 

We are very proud to be able to assist Orange Sky with the wonderful work they do for some very vulnerable people. It’s been a very tough 18 months for a lot of people and it still is a tough time for so many communities across Australia.

This is one way we can get behind a worthy cause and we would encourage everyone, if they can, to join in the challenge this year. It’s the little things – a kind word, a friendly conversation, a moment of understanding – that can make all the difference for someone experiencing hardship.

There is still time to get onboard for weekend three and four of The Sudsy Challenge. Click here to sign up your corporate team.

Homelessness. Let's talk about it. 

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